Celebrating International Women’s Day: Stories By Fantastic Women

this is beautiful and inspirational!


March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate women, their rights, and their contributions to the world. In honor of this auspicious day, we bring you five excellent reads by women from our sister site Longreads.

Queens of Infamy by Anne Thériault

Illustration by Louise Pomeroy

Court intrigue? Palace hijinks? Poison? You’ll find all three and more in Anne Thériault’s excellent series, Queens of Infamy, in which Anne explores the lives of history’s most adorably diabolical monarchs. Here’s a tasty sample from Queens of Infamy: Joanna of Naples:

Are you the sort of person who loves a high court drama with plenty of devious intriguing? Is learning about grisly murders one of your guilty pleasures? Do you get a voyeuristic thrill out of tracking the rise and fall of royal romances? What about plagues? Do you like plagues? If you are…

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